Friday, September 13, 2013

Parenting FAILS

I feel like overall we are doing a pretty good job at this whole parenting thing. However, there are a few noteworthy mishaps that I want to remember.

First, Malcolm was laying in bed with her (looking at twitter I am sure) when all of a sudden her little hand grabbed for the phone. She knocked it out of his hand and it landed with a big thud right on her cute little forhead. Malcolm looked completely horrified and Gracyn let out the most heartbreaking cry ever. All day I thought it was hilarious to make fun of Malcolm about the incident. She would act up and I would make a comment like, "maybe she is concussed." This was all fun until the next incident happened.

About a week later I was laying in bed with Gracyn next to me. She had finally gone back to sleep after about an hour of hanging out. She loves to do this around 5 am. It's awesome. All of a sudden my stupid alarm clock goes off. I was frantically grabbing for it on my night stand to turn it off before it woke her up. Well in the process of reaching over Gracyn to grab the phone it fell out of my hand. Yup. Landing RIGHT ON HER FOREHEAD. She let out another heartbreaking cry. I totally thought Malcolm was asleep when all of a sudden I heard, "What just happened? Did you just drop your cell phone on her head?" I could not believe I did that to my precious baby. I just looked at him and said, "She is going to get taken away from us." The rest of the day wasn't much fun while malcolm got his payback.

A few weeks after that I had just got done feeding Gracyn at about 2:30 am. I layed her on a pillow in front of me. She was in the best mood. She was smiling and talking to me. I remember thinking to myself, "This kid freaking loves me!" That was short lived. I went to grab my water that was on the night stand. Probably around 32 oz of water to exact. I took a break from basking in my mom glory to take a drink. That was when tragedy stuck. It slipped out of my hand and spilled ALL OVER Gracyn. I shrieked and woke Malcolm up. Gracyn is looking at me like, "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" It totally took her breath away and then she started screaming. Water is everywhere. All over her. All over me. All over the bed. EVERYWHERE. I quickly changed Gracyn and then got new PJ's for myself. Malcolm volunteered to go sleep in the guest room so I could sleep on his dry side of the bed. I remember as he grabbed his pillow and was heading to the guest bedroom he said again, "She really is going to get taken away from us."

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